Demo Reel

My name is Abdulkareem Abonamous, or simply Abed .

I’m a director of commercials and short films, and a photographer.

I was raised across several different locations around the globe, and have a multicultural background and wide range of interests that found me studying both film and computer sciences in Germany. Out of school with an advanced degree in computer science, I developed and wrote software and began working as a VFX supervisor at Blackmountain Studios in Germany, where I oversaw worldwide campaigns for Sony-Ericsson, Nokia, Braun and a US campaign for Mercedes, among others. My VFX work has won multiple awards including a Clio. Working with various production companies, I’ve directed commercials for Mercedes, ymca, THQ, Lennox, Lassa, T-Mobile, and Hershey’s, among others.

In 2011, Marvel Studios picked me to direct their first two live action short films called Marvel One-Shots, featuring members of the cast of the Avengers.

These days I find myself collaborating a lot with Mathematic creating cinematic trailers and cutscenes for games.